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About Dr. Aaron Katz, M.D.


Dr. Aaron E. Katz is currently Chairman of Urology at Winthrop University Hospital. Prior to his arrival at Winthrop, he was  a faculty member at Columbia University since 1993. During his tenure at Columbia he held the title  as the Director of the Center for Holistic Urology, a Center which he established in 1998. The Center performs basic research and conducts clinical trials which  investigate the role of natural therapies within urology.  Dr. Katz is currently serving as the Principle Investigator for numerous clinical trials. 

After graduating from New York Medical College in 1986, Dr. Katz completed a 6 year training program in Brooklyn at the Maimonides Medical Center. Following the completion of his residency, Dr. Katz was awarded a Ferdinand Valentine Fellowship from the New York Academy of Medicine to further his studies in Urologic Oncology at Columbia University. During his Fellowship, Dr. Katz developed a novel blood test , which could detect small numbers of prostate cancer cells in the blood. The test known as RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction) was the first time urologic cancers were staged using a molecular assay.  He has received several awards and grants to further his research.

Dr. Katz is also recognized as an expert in the field of prostate cryosurgery. In the early 1990’s, he began using cryosurgery to cure prostate cancers. His pioneer work in advancing the technology helped Medicare approve of this therapy for treating radiation-recurrent tumors. Dr. Katz has trained nearly 100 urologists in the United States and Europe to perform  cryosurgery in their hospital. In the field of cryosurgery Dr. Katz has published numerous articles, written chapters for medical textbooks, and directed courses at both regional and national levels. He has also applied cryosurgery to the treatment  of  small kidney tumors, and performed the ablation both percutaneously and laparascopically.  Most recently, Dr. Katz was invited to host a show on cryosurgery for PBS televison, which will air in March 2005.

To date, Dr. Katz has published over 90 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and has written 4 chapters for  Urologic  textbooks. He is the author of two recently published books: “The Definitive Guide to Prostate cancer” and  ‘Dr. Katz’s Guide to Prostate Health: From Conventional to Holistic’’. He has been the host of a radio program called “Katz’s Corner” on WABC radio in York City and he has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.  He has been in listed as one of New Yorks best doctors for the past 6 years

Dr. Katz has an office at the Winthrop University Hospital as well as a convenient East Side office in Midtown Manhattan on Park Avenue. He can be reached for consultation at (516) 535-1900. Medicare and several commercial insurances are accepted.


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